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April 2009
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Introducing The Reverend Elizabeth Evans – Welcome!

We welcome Pastor Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans to our Calvary family.  On Tuesday,
March 17, the Vestry of Calvary church approved the hiring of The Reverend
Elizabeth Evans as interim rector.  Pastor Evans will be assuming full duties as our
interim on April 1.  Her contract is on a month to month basis.

Pastor Evans currently resides in Glenmoore, PA which is near Lancaster.  She has
two children ages 11 and 13.

Pastor Elizabeth has served in all types of churches.  She has served at the
University of Penn as assistant chaplain, at Holy Trinity in Philadelphia as assistant
rector, at St. David’s in Manyunk as vicar, at Calvary-St.Paul in Philadelphia as
assistant rector, and at Good Samaritan in Paoli as associate rector.

Pastor Evans is also an award winning author and has written for The
Episcopalian, The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer.  Currently she
has been working as a free lance writer and her portfolio includes case statements,
marketing brochures, web articles, radio spots, and other publication materials.  

All established programs will be continued by Pastor Elizabeth.  She will continue
with Rite I and Rite II services.   Pastor Evans also hopes to include a children’s
sermon on Youth Sundays.  She will also be conducting the Wednesday morning
services and serving at Fair Acres on the first Tuesday of each month.  Pastor
Elizabeth also wants to meet with all church groups and committees to get to know
us and help where possible.

We are thankful to have Pastor Evans as our interim rector.  

From the organist’s bench April 2009

As I write this brief missal it is four Sundays before Easter. Last week our choir
sang a very difficult anthem that has some a cappella parts which were sung in
perfect tune. Our choir is better than the average church choir of our size and even
larger. However we always can use more members. It is never too late to join. Try us
out and see how you like singing with us. You do not need to sing every Sunday.
Rehearsals are more important. Our season will end the last Sunday in May.
The organ has developed a new problem the last few weeks. The keys do not
always respond when pressed until more pressure is applied.  The good news is an
organ committee is in the process of being formed.
Bob Johnston, Organist

Rector’s Warden-Ernestine Franz

The Organ: Some positive action needed to be taken about the organ, so at the
vestry meeting on March 17 the vestry approved to form an Organ Committee to
obtain information on the problems and the cost to correct the problems.  When
this information is compiled it will be presented to the vestry and they will decide
what the next step will be.  Bob Johnston will be the advisor to this committee.

To the Congregation;

On behalf of Episcopal Community Services, I would like to thank everyone for their
participation in providing blankets to our clients at St. Barnabas Mission, our
homeless shelter.  Also, a big thank you to our ECS Representative, Ellen Stone, for
coordinating the effort.  I truly appreciate the support our congregation provides to
the Agency on an annual basis, and for all who have generously given of time and
treasure in the past.  God calls on us to provide for those in need and Calvary does
this in numerous ways.  Thank you for sharing your blessings with the clients of

Kurt Brunner


The Discernment Committee has been meeting in earnest since Fr. Bob retired on
May 31, 2008.  More than 30 other parishes are also looking for a priest.  The
Committee has gone through and evaluated the resumes and profiles of over 40
candidates to date.  Each candidate was asked to submit two sermons and the
answers to several questions we asked on our application form.

The discernment process is prayerful, thoughtful and sometimes slower than we
would like.  The Committee has constantly been reminded that God's time is not our
time.  The process of finding a rector for Calvary is not the same as interviewing
applicants for a store clerk or a mechanic.  We are looking for the person whom
God has chosen to lead us forward to do His work in the parish and the
community.  This takes dedication, hard work and many meetings and we are
blessed with committee members who are willing to do this work.
Currently we have three strong candidates as we continue the mutual process of
discernment.  We have conducted an interview with one of these, have visited
another and will conduct an interview with him in March.  We also plan to visit yet
another very soon .

The Committee is optimistic and hopeful regarding our progress. We ask for your
patience and especially for your prayers as we continue to pray to discern God's
will for Calvary.

In Christ's Love,
Karen Warren,
Discernment Chair


My wife and I are expecting our first child and baby planning is in full swing.  
Ordering furniture, painting the nursery, and deciding on a name are important
activities in our household.  I have even looked into a college savings fund which
prompted us to think about creating a will.  Wills are excellent legal documents for
individuals who want to ensure their final wishes are implemented.  Whether you
are younger or older, it is never a bad time to create a will (or revise one).  God has
His own timeline and even though you pray it will not be needed anytime soon,
being prepared is a hallmark of security.  Many decision points will need to be made
and some may be difficult.  But I hope one of the easier decision points will be the
inclusion of Calvary Church in your will – I know it will be in ours.

Mike Reisinger-Co-Chair   


The Parish Growth Committee has changed its meeting date.  The committee is now
meeting on the first Sunday of each month.  The committee is doing this to make
the meeting date easier to remember.  Also the committee will be providing a cake
to celebrate all of the parish birthdays of the month as part of the coffee hour
treats.  Pleases join us at the next committee meeting on April 5 – all are welcome!

Calvary is ready to roll with the Adopt-a-highway program. Calvary is working
through PennDOT to adopt a two mile stretch of Pennell Rd. from Mt. Alverno to
Route 1.  We have committed to cleaning this stretch of road four times each year.  
PennDOT will provide all necessary materials and training.  Your help is greatly
needed.  You will not be doing the entire two miles!  Participants will work in small
groups on small sections of the road. All participants must sign the release sheet,
which is on the bulletin board in the undercroft.  Any participant 8-17 years old must
have a parent or guardian sign for him or her; no one under 8 may participate.  All
participants must attend the safety talk which will be held prior to starting out.  
PennDOT recommends that we wear long sleeve shirts and long pants, leather
shoes or boots, and gloves, and bring your own water. A hat with a brim to shade
your eyes would also be useful. BE SURE to eat properly before coming!  And
thanks for helping Calvary in caring for the environment.

The Parish Growth Committee is planning an outing to the Wilmington Blue Rocks
game on Sunday, May 3 at 1:35 PM.  The Blue Rocks will be playing the Winston-
Salem Warthogs.  The cost is $17 which will include first base line box seats, a Blue
Rocks hat, a hot dog, and a soda.  This is a special price for groups of 20 or more.  
We need to make reservations – so please sign up!  We will carpool from the
church.  The signup sheet is posted in the undercroft or call Ellie: 610-891-0386.  On
April 3 we will be calling for our reservations – so sign up now!  Don’t miss this fun

The Parish Growth Committee will be hosting another Game  Night until Friday,
April 24 from 7-10 PM.  This evening is a great opportunity to get together, laugh, eat
and enjoy each other’s company.  Game night is open to all ages 12 and above.  
(Our “above” has gone as high as 90!)  
All are welcome!   Please mark your calendar join us for a wonderful evening of fun,
food, and fellowship!   By the way, donations of any games that are good for
groups of 20+ or can be played by teams would be greatly appreciated.   (Ask Will or
Ellie about the games that we already have.)

On Saturday, May 2, the Chester–Ridley-Crum Watershed Association will be
holding its 12th Annual CRC Cleanup from 9 – 11:45 AM.  Groups from the church
will be meeting at Mount Rd. & 452 and Mt. Alverno Rd. & 452 to clean up the banks
of Chester Creek.  Please join us to help clean the area near our church.  There will
be a picnic following the cleanup at Rose Tree Park and participants will be given a
free T-shirt.  Participants will be given gloves and materials at the site.  Please help
us with this activity.  Calvary took part in this activity last year and had a great time!
A signup sheet is posted in the undercroft.

Another “save the date” activity is Middletown  Community Pride Day on Saturday,
May 9 from 11 AM to 4 PM at Williamson Free School Grounds.  Calvary will be
hosting an outreach table.  We need parishioners to help “man” the table and also
to provide treats that have been made from recipes in the cookbook.  Offering free
goodies is a wonderful way to get people to stop by our table.  

The committee would like to wish everyone a blessed and joyous Easter!        

Will Evans


Well  spring is here and its time to think Rectory.  I would like to start where we left
off last September.  Finish the painting and minor repairs.  Then tackle the
cleaning.  Mostly the rugs and the windows.  If the weather cooperates,  outside
work on the porch needs to be started.  If we have any gardeners, the flower beds
need a good cleaning in preparation for the spring colors.  I would like to start
Tuesday, March 31, around 6pm.  We'll have sandwiches and if you would like to
bring a snack or dish to share that would be great.  If you can't come until later, that
is fine.  Just come out and share in the fun.  

Other projects we are working on is replacing the oil tank in the undercroft.  
Smelled any oil lately?  Well hopefully by the time you read this,  that will be a thing
of the past.  Also the kitchen was cleaned by a group of busy bees.  What a
difference that has made.  I'm sure we'll have other projects around the church this
summer but this is a good start.

Jill Graham and Margaret Quaile, Co-Chairs


Many thanks also to all who have helped supply the treats for our coffee hours.  It
takes everyone helping out to make these coffee hours successful.    Your help and
support is greatly appreciated in this important parish ministry.  On Sunday, April 26
Calvary will be holding a Parish Breakfast between the services.  Maggie will be
providing the wonderful treats for the breakfast.  Please join us for wonderful food
and fellowship.

Ellie Evans
Small Parish - Big Heart
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